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Debit BCA - e-Banking - Individual - bca.co.id
Debit BCA - e-Banking - Individual - bca.co.id
Debit BCA
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Shopping is now a much more enjoyable experience. The Kartu Paspor BCA offers shopping ease for customers who have a savings account. Aside from functioning as an ATM card, Kartu Paspor BCA can also function as a Debit BCA card.

Using Paspor BCA, you can do practical, easy and safe transactions at the thousands of merchants that have the Debit BCA sign all over Indonesia.

Main Advantages
  • Practical, no cash necessary
  • It is easier without having too much change
  • Shopping is safer using PIN
  • Transactions are recorded and easily tracked
  • It is accepted at the thousands of merchants that have the Debit BCA sign

Smooth shopping using the Debit BCA. These are the facilities you can enjoy using the Kartu Paspor BCA.

  • Shopping is more practical because you do not need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Shopping transactions are easier because you do not receive any change.
  • Authorization is needed when you purchase items using the EDC BCA through a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that only you know. So shoping is made safer.
  • Thousands of merchants spread throughout Indonesia that have the Debit BCA sign will welcome your shopping transactions.
  • Each transaction using the Debit BCA will be recorded in the Account Transactions, making it easier for you to review your purchases.

The Debit BCA transaction limits differ according to your card.

Type of Card(ATM/Paspor)
Platinum Gold/Tapres Silver
Debit BCA LimitRp 75 MillionRp 25 MillionRp 15 Million

Shopping made easy only by opening a Tahapan BCA, Tahapan Xpresi, or Tapres account. You will receive a card that will not only function as an ATM card, but also as a Debit card so you can shop.

Tahapan Xpresi
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