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BCA mobile
  BCA mobile

Download the official BCA application here:

In just minutes you can complete all your banking needs simply by accessing the internet and BCA mobile. BCA mobile offers you a smartphone application that can be used for banking transactions using both BCA mobile banking (m-BCA) and BCA internet banking (KlikBCA Smartphone version), whenever and wherever you are.

Enjoy ease and comfort in completing your banking transactions during in the midst of a hectic day. Download the BCA Mobile application from your smartphone now!

Main Advantages

BCA mobile benefits for m-BCA:

  1. No need to change your SIM Card
  2. Transactions cost much less (using GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI internet connection)
  3. Able to store a Payment Data so all you need to do is choose your customer number for your next transaction
  4. There is a Transfer Data facility. Just register the target account number once and simply choose from the Transfer Data the next time you wish to transfer to the same account again
  5. Practical and easy to use. No need to input a company/ bank code. You only need to choose from the available list.

For KlikBCA access KlikBCA using your smartphone with a single click at https://m.klikbca.com.

For Info BCA
A mobile application that contains the latest interesting information from BCA. Get the full information from Info BCA

Download the official BCA application here:

For m-BCA

  1. m-BCA transaction without needing to replace your SIM Card
    Can be used for all mobile banking (m-BCA) transactions using all GSM operators including Telkomsel, XL Axiata, Indosat, Axis, and Three without needing to replace your SIM Card.
  2. Transactions cost much less
    Using GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI internet connection
  3. Payment Data Storage
    There is a storage feature for payment data in m-Payment so all you need to do is choose the target customer number again the next time you wish to transfer to the same account without having to input the target account number all over again.
  4. Transfer Data
    You only need to register the target account number once (either for transfers between BCA banks or other banks on the Data Transfer menu), so for the next transaction, all you need to do is choose from the Transfer list.
  5. Practical and Easy to Use
    For payment and transfer transactions, there is no need to input a target company/ banking code, all you need to do is choose from the available menu. Untuk Fasilitas KlikBCA

For KlikBCA

Download the official BCA application here:

The BCA mobile facility can now be accessed using your Blackberry, Android and iPhone.
How to get BCA mobile:

  • Download the BCA mobile application
  • Register for m-BCA or KlikBCA through an ATM or BCA Branch in order to do transactions
  • Only for BlackBerry/Android/iPhone smartphone users
  • Only for GSM operator users

BCA mobile Menu

  • m-BCA features the following services:
    • m-Info
    • m-Transfer
    • m-Payment
    • m-Commerce
    • m-Admin
  • KlikBCA features the following services:
    • Purchase
    • Payment
    • e-Commerce Payment
    • Fund Transfer
    • Account Information
    • Administration
  • Info BCA:
    • BCA Promo
    • Mini Gallery
    • Online Application
    • BCA ATM and Branch Locator
    • Reward BCA
    • Direct connection to Halo BCA by phone

Transaction Fee

  • Internet access fee (GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI), (for m-BCA around 15 KB per transaction). If accessed using internet/ BIS unlimited package, there will be no additional charge.
  • A text message fee will be applied for initial download and initiation of BCA mobile application plus Transfer Data transaction.

Proof of Transaction :

  • On screen display
  • For financial transactions, coupon number information and deposit account information, the customer will receive proof of transaction in the form of a sub menu Inbox that can be copied and forwarded through email, text message or messenger.


  • On screen transaction display and email notification
BCA mobile Security Measures :


Access Code

  • 6 digit alphanumeric code
  • Determined by the Customer
  • m-BCA menu access security


  • 6 digit alphanumeric code
  • Determined by the Customer
  • Transaction validation security



  • 6 digit alphanumeric code
  • Determined by the Customer
  • KlikBCA access security
An extra security device that will reveal a different password each time the customer wishes to conduct a financial transaction

Make sure the LED/ indicator on your BCA mobile is green when you are about to do a transaction.

iPhone BlackBerry
Android Windows Phone

The following is a list of Smartphones that can use the BCA mobile application:

Brand Tipe devices support BCA mobile Tipe devices not support BCA mobile
Tipe GSM with OS (Operating System) 4.6 s/d 7.1 and 10
Javelin 8900
Bold 9000
Tour (GSM) 9630
Gemini 8520
Gemini 3G 9300
Onyx1 9700
Onyx2 9780
Torch1 9800
Dakota 9900
Apollo 9360
Bellagio 9790
Torch2 Jennings 9810
Torch3 Monza 9860
Curve 9380
Amstrong 9320
Davis 9220
BlackBerry CDMA (Style 9670, Tour CDMA, Gemini CDMA, Curve CDMA, dll)
Curve 83xx
Pearl (91xx/81xx)
Montana (GSM) 9930
Monaco 9850 (GSM)
Storm 1 9530
Storm 2 9360
Android Devices OS Froyo s/d Ice Cream Sandwich Devices OS before Froyo version
iPhone iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 iPhone 3G and previous versions
Windows Phone Devices OS WP 8.0 Devices OS before WP 8.0 version
Nokia X Devices OS 1.0 keatas -

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