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Fasilitas Kartu Kredit BCA

Fixed Installment Plan with Low Interest

With the Cicilan BCA installment plan, you can get all you want through affordable monthly installments. You can now turn purchases worth at least Rp 500,000 into Cicilan BCA transactions at a competitive interest rate with an installment period that you can choose according to your needs, either 3, 6 or 12 months.

Follow the following simple steps to turn your transactions to Cicilan BCA:

  • Immediately amend your transactions at the merchants that have the Cicilan BCA sign
  • Each transaction using the KK BCA can be amended to installments by typing Cicilan and then sending the text to 69888 or you can call Halo BCA at 500-888, 1 day after the transaction.

Main Advantages of Cicilan BCA:

  1. You can buy products or anything you want according to your financial plan
  2. No registration needed. You can immediately contact the BCA Card Hotline or in Jakarta, find a Cicilan BCA to amend your transactions on the spot
  3. Competitive interest rates and flexible installment period

Installment Interest Rate 1.25% for 3, 6 & 9 tenor valid from March 19 2012

Value Table
Transaction Value Installment Period
3 Month Tenor
1.25 %
6 Month Tenor
1.25 %
9 Month Tenor
1.25 %
500,000 172,917 89,583 61,806
1,000,000 345,833 179,167 123,611
2,000,000 691,667 358,333 247,222
3,000,000 1,037,500 537,500 370,833
5,000,000 1,729,167 895,833 618,056
Monthly Installment Formula

Cost of product + (cost of product x interest x installment period)

Installment period

For a Simulation of a 1.25% Installment Plan click here


Installment Interest rate at 0.75% for 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 & 36 month tenor
valid until February 28 2015

Value Table
Transaction Value nstallment Period
T12 Month Tenor
0.75% per month
15 Month Tenor
0.75% per month
18 Month Tenor
0.75% per month
24 Month Tenor
0.75% per month
500,000 45,417 37,083 31,528 24,583
1,000,000 90,833 74,167 63,056 49,167
2,000,000 181,667 148,333 126,111 98,333
3,000,000 272,500 222,500 189,167 147,500
5,000,000 454,167 370,833 315,278 245,833
Monthly Installment Formula

Cost of product + (cost of product x interest x installment period)

Installment period

For a Simulation of a 0.75% Installment Plan click here

Installment Cancellation Provision:
- If the Cardholder cancels the Installment transaction, the Cardholder will be charged with a penalty fee amounting to Rp. 100,000 per transaction.

To become a Cicilan BCA merchant, please click here

Get up to 15% of rupiah rewards for each transaction using the BCA Credit Card. For each transaction using the BCA Credit Card, anytime and anywhere, including overseas, you will receive rupiah awards that you can immediately exchange for numerous items at all the stores that have the Reward BCA sign, according to the amount of your reward.

Main Advantages of Reward BCA:

  • No need to fill in a form or confirm (free of administration)
  • You can choose anything you want.
  • Reward BCA has more benefits.
  • Flexible, you can instantly get the item without having to wait for any delivery.
  • No time limit

Learn the value of your Reward BCA from the following locations:

  1. On your monthly bill
  2. At places that have the Reward BCA logo
  3. Click www.bca.co.id/creditcard
  4. Call your BCA By Phone and get the information

Get and exchange your Reward BCA here:

You can enjoy your Reward BCA in the following cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Medan, Bali, Batam, Solo, Bandar Lampung, Manado, Samarinda, Padang, Pekanbaru, Bogor, Cirebon, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Makassar and other cities. View the complete list here! List of other merchants

One payment for all your bills

Now you can pay all your routine bills using the AutoPay BCA facility. This facility will make your life easier because you no longer need to remember numerous accounts in order to pay your bills at different dates such as electricity, telephone, mobile phone, internet, insurance, or cable TV bills.

Main Advantages of Autopay BCA:

  1. Provides more convenience as you no longer need to wait in line in order to transfer money or go to payment points
  2. More practical because you only need to remember one billing date
  3. More punctual because payments will be automatically withdrawn from your Credit Card
  4. More money because this facility is free of administration fees
    *Autopay Telkom Group will be charged an admin fee of Rp 2,500,-/transaction

What You Need to Know about Autopay BCA:

  1. The name of the customer is not permitted to be under the name of a company (it must be under a personal name)
  2. The cut-off date for BCA is on the 18th of every month

How to Activate your Autopay BCA:

  1. Type Autopay and send the text message to 69888
  2. Send an email to autopay@bca.co.id
  3. Get the registration form for AutoPay BCA here

Change your transactions to Cicilan BCA
One payment
for all your bills
Reward BCA Info

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