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Jakarta, January 31, 2012

In recent years, online shopping transactions in Indonesia showed a considerable increase. This is characterized by an increased number of Companies / Merchant who plays on the business segment online shopping (e-commerce) and the positive response from the internet users began to shift purchases of goods and services from the conventional pattern (visit to the store, mall, and other shopping centers) to online transactions.

In addition, with the increase in online social media community and forum websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Kaskus, etc.), may be a reference to the people of Indonesia, especially in big cities are using the Internet to interact. It is also play a role in encouraging the increase in online shopping transactions. Estimated that there are at least about 50 million internet users in Indonesia, considering as a potential market of online shopping.

To answer the demand for means of online shopping payment in a more practical and comfortable method, BCA then launched BCA KlikPay, a breakthrough way to online payment that is practical and reliable and even easier for our customers and prospective customers who have KlikBCA Individu and BCA Card for payment or online shopping. Suwignyo Budiman, as Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, said, "Today, BCA launch BCA KlikPay. A form of BCA's commitment in providing payment convenience of online shopping, especially for customers who have used the facility and the individual KlikBCA or BCA Card. Of course, we hope that through this facility BCA can always provide the best service to loyal customers BCA".

With BCA KlikPay, online shopping payment can be done anytime and anywhere. In addition, customers can use 2 (two) types of payments, which is from their BCA account with KlikBCA Individuals and or BCA Card credit card. This is obviously will facilitate customers furthermore, who wish to make online shopping payments.

Another advantage, with BCA KlikPay, customers simply use a mobile phone that has been registered to receive the code OTP (One Time Password) via SMS as a security transaction.
With BCA KlikPay, customers can immediately complete the payment online shopping at the merchant website BCA KlikPay partners (one stop shopping).

To do a transaction using BCA KlikPay, customers needs to do the 3 (three) easy steps, registration, activation, and transactions. KlikPay BCA account registration is done only once, while no additional activation is required each payment type.

Every customer receives the Activation Code and OTP code upon KlikPay BCA transactions, the customer will be charged in accordance SMS at each operator. Online shopping payment transactions can be done on the BCA KlikPay partner merchant's website which can be seen on the BCA website KlikPay (www.klikbca.com / klikpay).

Now there are 5 (five) BCA KlikPay merchant partners:

  1. Bhinneka.com (www.bhinneka.com) electronic merchant
  2. Blibli.com (www.blibli.com) market place merchant (e-mall)
  3. CBN (www.cbn.net.id) internet services payment merchant
  4. Gudang Voucher (www.gudangvoucher.com) onlinga games voucher merchant
  5. Living Social (www.livingsocial.co.id) daily deals merchant

In the future, BCA will continue to add merchant partner which allow customers to make online shopping payments.

Head of Fund Development and Services Division, Ina Suwandi added, until the end of 2011, KlikBCA individual users has reached 2.72 million, while for BCA Card users approximately reached more than 2 million cards. With the launch of BCA KlikPay, is expected to increase the number of users and number of transactions KlikBCA Individuals and BCA Card. With the service this KlikPay BCA, BCA hopes to continue to provide the best service for its customers.

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