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Paying for UniPin Online Game Voucher is easier with BCA KlikPay

Paying for UniPin Online Game Voucher is easier with BCA KlikPay

Jakarta, February 01, 2013


In 2001, the wave of online game started to hit Indonesia, it began with MMO (massively multiplayer online game) games such as Nexian and Ragnarok Online. At that time, the online game company earned their income from subscription based business model requiring the user to pay an amount to play in certain period.

With the passing of the time and the growing numbers of new games launched, in 2004 the online game companies started to change their business model to free to play. As for their income, there are items of purchased which is special items which may be bought by using credit or real money.

So, how do the game companies sell the said credits? Previously, the main distribution line for the marketing of online game credit is the internet café. However, user can now buy voucher for online game credit at mini markets or via internet banking. One of the providers of the online game voucher is UniPin.

“After researching for more or less two years tahun, we found that the successful method of selling online game credit in various countries is by distribution through convenience stores. UniPin itself started its commercial operation in 2011. We were the pioneer in providing payment service for online game in Indonesia in which we distribute the sale of the credit via the outlets of convenience store and internet banking,” explained Ashadi Ang, Executive Director of PT Dua Puluh Empat Jam Online, the company issuing online game voucher UniPin.

Ashadi stated that the mission of UniPin is to provide online game voucher which can be used to play different kinds of game from different publisher, it suits the tagline of UniPin: One for All, All for One. And to make it more convenient for the user, UniPin voucher may be bought (reloaded) anywhere and anytime. “Thus foreign publishers and developers do not have to concern about the distribution of their game credit,” added Ashadi.

On of the innovations of the service from Unipin is the UniPin Express in which the loyal customer of UniPin may directly reload the voucher to their favorite game without the necessity for registration and top up via www.unipin.co.id website.

As of December 2012, UniPin has cooperated with 32 local and foreign game publishers form China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Sweden to United States. For the time being, UniPin voucher may be used for 91 kinds of online games. At present UniPin voucher is available at 7,200 physical outlets.

For online sale, this voucher is available on manual transfer system of BCA’s ATM, KlikBCA internet banking and the most recent BCA KlikPay. The nominal amounts available are Rp 100,000, Rp 200,000, Rp 500,000, Rp 1 million, Rp 3 million and Rp 5 million. “We have been integrated with BCA KlikPay since March, 2012 and the development is encouraging. Everyday there is transaction using BCA KlikPay,” said Ashadi.

For the customer who has not activated BCA KlikPay features, there are only three easy steps required to be able to use BCA KlikPay: Registration, Activation, and Transaction. Customer will only have to register once, whereas activation will be done according to the type of payment (payment can be made by debiting the account via KlikBCA or BCA Card Credit Card). After that, customer may conclude many transactions in the merchant being the partner of BCA KlikPay. The three easy steps can be taken without leaving your table, since it can be accessed via website saja. For authorization, One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to the cell phone number previously registered by the customer will be used to simplify the transaction.

In addition to UniPin (www.unipin.co.id), yoy can also use BCA KlikPay to make payment in the following websites, AirAsia (www.airasia.com), Bhinneka.com (www.bhinneka.com), Blibli.com (www.blibli.com), CBN (www.cbn.net.id), Citilink (www.citilink.co.id), Galeri Elektronik (www.galerielektronik.com), Game-On (www.mygame-on.com), Global Teleshop (www.globalteleshop.com), Gonla (www.gonla.com), Gudang Voucher (www.gudangvoucher.com), Happy Holiday (www.happyholiday.to), Hartono Elektronika (www.hartonoelektronika.com), Heatwave (www.heatwave.co.id), Indomog (www.indomog.com), Indonetwork (www.indonetwork.co.id), Indoprom (www.indoprom.net), IsStore (www.isurf.co.id), Jakarta Notebook (www.jakartanotebook.com), Kagum Hotel (www.kagum-hotel.com),  Kalbe e-Store (www.kalbestore.com), KlikHotel (www.klikhotel.com), Kramatdjati (www.kramatdjati.co.id), Legendaris (www.legendaris.com), LivingSocial (www.livingsocial.co.id), Maingames (www.maingames.co.id),  Paziashop (www.paziashop.com), PremiKita.com (www.premikita.com), Tiket.com (www.tiket.com), Tiket Domestik (www.tiketdomestik.com), Unipin (www.unipin.co.id), Yuktravel (www.yuktravel.com) and Zodiak Hotel (www.zodiak-hotel.com).

For further information please access www.klikbca.com/klikpay or contact HaloBCA at 500888 or (021) 500888 from cell phone or via Twitter at v@HaloBCA. (adv)

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