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SMAN 116 vs SMAN 3 in DBL Final Jakarta Series

SMAN 116 vs SMAN 3 in DBL Final Jakarta Series

Jakarta, May 23, 2012

Final DBL Jakarta Series

Jakarta DBL Series has ended, SMAN 116 won the women competition, while SMAN 3 as the men’s team champion, and SMAN 22 became champion in the dance competition. Look forward to another exciting match in the following cities.

Finally, DBL Jakarta Series has arrived at its peak. On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, DBL Jakarta Series has been awarded the best teams that will represent DKI Jakarta.

Spirits felt around the supporters of men and women team who were playing.

Interestingly, DBL Final Jakarta Series delivers the men and women team of the same school, namely SMAN 116 and SMAN 3. Supporters from each school competing cheering for their school team representatives.

The game opened with the SMAN 116 women team against the women team of SMAN 3. Women team match was won by SMAN 116 with a score of 44-14. As if to pay loses of the women team in the first game, the men team of SMAN 3 trying to win the match position as a champion. With the persistent resistance but still sportive, SMAN 3 finally won the men's team title.

Besides the BCA Head of Product Management Fund and Customer Segmentation Sub Division, Charles Evans, BCA Director, Armand Hartono, is pleased to witness the DBL Jakarta Series final match. In one occasion, Charles Evans said that the hope of a strong synergy between BCA and DBL, particularly through Tahapan Xpresi product because this activity is in accordance with the "spirit" of young people which are expressive, dynamic, creative and sportive. Therefore, BCA strongly supports young people’s positive activities, which can develop their interests and talents.

DBL Jakarta Series appeared to be different in the terms of match operation than the DBL Series in several cities before. On the final game, DBL Jakarta Series delivers the celebrities game. Several celebrities attended as a participant against Biore basketball stars. Among them are Ujo Project Pop, Yossi Project Pop, Bams Samsons, Mario Lawalatta, Rico Ceper and others. As a result, the atmosphere of the student’s final basketball league becomes merrier.

In addition to determining the winner of men’s and women's basketball team who will get through to the next round, the dance team of SMAN 22 voted as a winner of the dance competition, SMA Al-Izhar as a runner up, and SMAN 70 a second runner up. While the title of men and women best player (Most Favourite Player) during the DBL Jakarta Series to be achieved by Adriani Nabila, and Taufik Ramadhan, both from SMAN 3.

Wait for the excitement of the next DBL round in Malang and Surabaya. For more information, go to their website at www.dblindonesia.com. Do not forget to support your favorite team and express yourself through twitter @BCAXpresi and @ DBLIndonesia with a hashtag of # XpresiHondaDBL. Further information on the Tahapan Xpresi BCA, can be accessed at http://xpress2exist.com/

BCA Always on Your Side. 
-Sinar Harapan-

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