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BCA Merchant and EDC New Records

BCA Merchant and EDC New Records

Jakarta, April 26, 2012

BCA won an award as a bank with most EDC units installed and the most merchant in Indonesia.

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) won the prestigious award at Rekor Bisnis organized by Tera Foundation in cooperation with Harian Seputar Indonesia and supported by Frontier Consulting Group.

This year, BCA become the business record holder of "The Bank with number of EDC Units Installed and Most Merchant in Indonesia". The award was received by BCA at the Rekor Bisnis Appreciation Night which was held in the ballroom of a Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday, April 12, 2012.

Rekor Bisnis is a supreme appreciation and recognition given to a company or organization's success and dedication in producing a variety of works or the best achievements in their respective industries.

On that occasion, Santoso as Senior General Manager of BCA Credit Card delivered a record that BCA earned is becoming a moment of truth of BCA business quality. "Hopefully, this award spurred us to constantly innovate products and services to meet the banking needs that increasingly diverse," Santoso said.

Achieving this award is testament to the success of the BCA, in fostering and maintaining consumer confidence. In addition, this award will spur BCA to constantly improve its performance in the midst of economic challenges in the future in order to stay ahead as a leading transactional bank in Indonesia.

BCA has become one of the largest banks in the country known for the innovative transactional banking services to provide convenience to their customers transact. One of the most famous is to multiplying the EDC and cooperation with merchants all over Indonesia.

Currently, BCA has more than 147 thousand EDC and more than 123 thousand merchants. That number will surely continue to grow as BCA's commitment to increase the facility of payment transaction services in various fields, including EDC and the merchant. BCA realized that the easier transaction did by the customer, the greater the customer loyalty level. -www.tempo.co/bca-

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