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BCA KlikPay: "Play Hard Pay Easy" at Gudang Voucher

BCA KlikPay: "Play Hard Pay Easy" at Gudang Voucherr

Jakarta, April 12, 2012

Online game does have unique and fanatical fans. Many of you might be like to play games. Whether it's playing poker on Facebook or Farmville. Well, now you don’t need to bother to buy the item mall in games such as coin, chip, or gold. 

Development of the games world, especially online gaming world which become more rapidly, make PT Buana Media Technology developing Gudang Voucher business in 2003, the Micro Payment Gateway that provides payment services using voucher code number.

A variety of internet-based payment service can use the Gudang Voucher, such as online games, telephone, internet access, mobile content and pay TV. In the year of 2011, Gudang Voucher managed to become the only vendor e-payment of Indonesia.

In order to make it easier for gamers to purchase vouchers online, in 2010, Gudang Vouchers started its cooperation with Klik BCA. As a token of appreciation from BCA, Gudang Voucher selected to be one of the first five merchant KlikPay BCA users.

According to the Operational Director of Gudang Vouchers, Gede Buwana Mahartapa, "Nowadays, purchasing vouchers most likely through online method, because it is easier for users and also safer."

Gede Buwana Mahartapa also adds that there are approximately 100 transactions using BCA KlikPay or about 30% of total transactions per day. Voucher Recharge (top up) is very easy by using BCA KlikPay.

Here are 6 easy steps to buy a voucher at Gudang Voucher using BCA KlikPay:

  1. Logon to Gudang Voucher website and put your ID
  2. Choose the Top Up menu via BCA KlikPay
  3. Put the nominal and security code
  4. (You will enter into BCA KlikPay page) Put your ID one more time in BCA KlikPay page
  5. Then enter the OTP (One Time Password) that previously sent to your number
  6. Your transaction is completed and the balance has increased in Gudang Voucher

Well, it’s easier and safer nowadays, right? Now you don’t need to hesitate to purchase vouchers at Gudang Voucher using BCA KlikPay. So..Let's Play Hard, Pay Easy!

If you have questions and suggestions, please contact Halo BCA at Halo BCA at 500888 or (021) 500888 from cell phones. -kompas.com-

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