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e-Statement BCA Credit Card Billing is Now Available by Email

e-Statement BCA Credit Card Billing is Now Available by Email

Jakarta, 26 September 2011

e-statement kartu kredit

Find an easy and quick way to get your BCA Credit Card bill with secure confidentiality while supporting Go Green global movement.

It is common that amidst our busy schedule we sometime loose our credit card bills somewhere under the piles of papers. Or sometime the courier doesn’t deliver them on time. As a result, you do not know for sure the details of credit card spending and the total bill this month. Or worse, you will be late or forget to pay it this month. Surely we don’t need to have an extra burden of having to pay a penalty for late payment. Not only that, your transaction will be charged with interest expense.

Well, you get annoyed because problems like that? If so, now is the time you avail the facility of e-Statement Credit Card BCA. e-Statement service Credit Card Bill is sent via email BCA. This method is obviously much easier and faster, than have to wait for shipment statements that are sometimes late, or may not get to your table.

What about confidentiality? Don’t worry. The confidentiality of your e-Statement billing will remain secure since this email is protected by password which only known by you as the credit card holder. Surely, the credit card holder creates his/her own email address and password.

Interested in using this facility? That’s easy. Simply register yourself at www.klikbca.com/creditcard. After registering, please choose the “e-Statement Registration” menu. Once you have registered yourself, BCA Credit Card Holder will be asked to do activation by clicking on the link, which has been sent automatically when the Credit Card Holder was performing registration. That’s it.

After registering to e-Statement facility, automatically, monthly credit card billing will be sent to the registered email address, and no longer receive any printed bill through the mail post again.

Credit Card Holder will not receive any Intermezzo Newsletter either. But, don’t worry. However, in case you don’t want to miss any interesting promo info, Newsletter Intermezzo can be accessed at www.klikbca.com/creditcard. Besides, Credit Card Holder still regularly receives BCA promo information through the e-Info facility.

There is other essential thing that you should know. By using this particular e-Statement facility, that means You are reducing the use of paper and participate in nature-friendly movement, Go Green. Please do not underestimate this. Data from Forestry Department in 2006 has revealed a fact that during 2000-2005, Indonesia was undergoing deforestation and lost 2.83 million hectares of its forest per year during that period.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch now and use e-Statement. For more details, please call Halo BCA 500888 or cell phone 021-500888. -Tempo-

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