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Smartphone version of KlikBCA

Smartphone version of KlikBCA

Jakarta, 02 August 2010

Technology development is giving more discretion of banking transaction which become easier, safer, and more comfort. To increase service to BCA customer, now BCA has launched Smartphone version of KlikBCA service.

Through this service, BCA customers can do transaction wherever and whenever they are by using smartphone.

On the early stage, Smartphone version of KlikBCA can be used for four types of smartphone: Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia E71, and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. In the future, BCA definitely will develop it therefore KlikBCA can be accessed through other types of smartphone.

To access Smartphone version of KlikBCA, just visit www.klikbca.com through your cell phone, or click login in Internet Banking Individual, then enjoy KlikBCA's view which adjusted to your cell phone. Or for this service, you can directly access to https://m.klikbca.com whereas you can directly get login KlikBCA screen. For the next step, you can do the desired banking transaction.

Smartphone version of KlikBCA has 6 main menus: Purchase, Payment, e-Commerce Payment, Fund Transfer, Account Information and Administration.



Smartphone version of KlikBCA detail features are as follow:

Menu Feature

Voucher, share, ticket, and others



Credit Card, telephone, handphone, internet, insurance, loan, tax, electricity/PLN, water/PAM, education, others.


e-Commerce Payment

Flight, electronic, tour/travel/hotel, others


Fund Transfer

Account number transferred list, transfer to BCA account, transfer to another bank in one country.


Account Information

Balance information and account mutation



Change PIN



To get ease of Smartphone version of KlikBCA, make sure that you can do the browsing through your smartphone. Besides, you can set browser of your smartphone by activating choices of JavaScript and Cookies.

Ways to activate JavaScript and Cookies are as follow:


  • Apple iPhone
    Go to Settings, choose Safari, and turn on the "JavaScript" choice and "Accept Cookies" chosen from Visited/ Always.

  • BlackBerry
    Go to BlackBerry Browser, press BlackBerry button, choose Options and go to Browser Configuration, then tick mark "Support JavaScript" and "Allow JavaScript popups" then save.

  • Nokia E71
    Go to Web (Nokia Browser), choose Options, then choose Settings, General, and menu "JAVA/ECMA Script" must be enabled. Then choose back to go to Privacy and Allow the "Cookies" menu.

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Go to Internet Explorer, choose Menu, Tools, and Options. Then mark the "Allow Cookies" on Security tab.

More information, please contact Halo BCA 500888 or (021) 500888 via cellphone.

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