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Bakti BCA

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible part of society, BCA strives to increase the welfare of the nation and grow along with the community by applying a business standard that is socially responsible. Through the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, under Bakti BCA, it is focused on giving long term aid to educational and health sectors in society. Bakti BCA has cooperated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PalangMerah Indonesia – PMI), Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (SPBK Perdami) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in supporting health programs that suit its CSR programs. Bakti BCA has provided scholarships for a selection of students who intend to complete their bachelorette degrees and has also sponsored numerous educational banking programs. BCA is also actively a sponsor in various other CSR programs such as empowerment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), environmental conservation, and natural disaster relief all around Indonesia.

Contributions to Education

BCA’s contributions to education portrays their concern in preparing Indonesia’s future generation to be able to tackle future challenges and help increase society’s standard of living by being able to receive a better education. BCA has contributed to education by handing out scholarships, aiding teachers and supporting the development of educational facilities in several schools. One of the programs integrated in Bakti BCA is providing educational aid to elementary school up to high school students in rural areas such as GunungKidul (Yogyakarta), Lampung (Sumatera) and Serang (Tangerang, Banten). These programs have been in progress since the year 2000 and aims at improving the quality of education and making it more accessible. In 2010, BCA donated computers to those schools and sent some English teachers to an English language conference in Bali. In cooperation with some state universities, Bakti BCA has handed out scholarships to talented students to help them complete their studies. In continuing its previous year’s program, throughout 2010, BCA has worked together with 18 universities and handed out scholarships to 111 students who also received scholarships the previous year. Aside from that, BCA has also worked together with many foundations such as Perbanas Foundation, KaryaSalembaEmpat Foundation, Paramadina Foundation, and Bakti ILUNI Foundation in providing scholarships.

Education Banking Products

In 2012, BCA actively held an educational program through socialization and the mass media in order to support the banking education program initiated by Bank Indonesia. During this year, BCA actively promoted “the importance of saving and the product TabunganKu” to students in areas such as Jakarta and its surroundings, Semarang, GunungKidul, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Serang, Lampung, and Bali. BCA extended its program to cover introduction/ education to general banking products and transaction safety.

SME Support

In order to support the development of SMEs, BCA, PT Astra International Tbk and PT Pertamina (Persero) worked together to create the MitraBersama Business Development Service Provider (MitraBersama BDSP). Three BDSPs have been formed since this program was initiated in 2009. In 2010, two BDSPs were officially opened in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera and Palembang, South Sumatera. The training program held by the BDSP covered orientation for BDSP coordinators regarding basic bookkeeping, the empowerment of potential and entrepreneurial development for BDSP members.

Community Health Improvement

Since 1990, BCA has cooperated with the PMI to encourage the activity of periodic blood donations in its central office and branch offices, where the management, employees and customers participated. During 2010, through the blood donation movement, Bakti BCA has donated 1,800 blood bags to PMI. Overall, since 1990, BCA has gathered 37,265 blood bags.

pengobatan massal katarak

BCA has also worked closely together with the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (SPBK Perdami) by providing several free cataract operations in numerous areas. Throughout 2010, 271 cataract operations were conducted in Sukabumi, Sintang, Rote Island, and Medan. Through this program, as many as 1,395 cataract operations were successfully done. In addition, since 2009, Bakti BCA has been actively participating in the support of the “Love Indonesian Children” program held by UNICEF in order to make sure that every Indonesian child obtains complete immunization on time.

Natural Disaster Relief

As an expression of sympathy and in order to provide relief for the victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters that have befallen Indonesia in the past couple of years, Bakti BCA has donated to the nation through PMI, banking associations, and a national television station, or directly to the community through BCA branches. Aside from that, BCA employees have also actively donated and sent funds to the Bakti BCA account.

Environmental Conservation

Throughout 2010, BCA has been actively involved in environmental conservation activities by supporting the Global Earth Hour campaign and cooperating with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia. BCA has also supported reforestation through vegetation in the degraded protected forest area of HutanLindungGunungRinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

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