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About BCA
About BCA

At 57, BCA is even stronger

Thanks to the unyielding work ethic of all employees and the support of its customers, BCA has continued to develop over time.

Bank Central Asia (BCA) took its first steps 57 years ago. Since then, it has faced many challenges but with dedication and perseverance, BCA has evolved into one of largest private banks, progressive, trusted and supported by its loyal customers. With maturity and stability, BCA will continue to improve and progress.

Reflecting on our performance
The occasion of our birthday is not just about celebrations or excesses, but one of gratitude to God for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on us throughout the course of our lives. It is also an appropriate time to reflect on what has been achieved during the past year.

For BCA, our anniversary is a time to remember the hard work that has been done to maintain the trust of the public eye. It is a time for the whole BCA family to come together, hand in hand, to work together in building BCA, creating Enhanced Relationships and Quality Growth.

At this significant age, BCA is stronger than ever due to the unyielding spirit of all our employees who are ready to face the challenges ahead. Customers who choose BCA are an integral part of our success. This is why the principles of Enhanced Relationship and Quality Growth must be diligently implemented to service our loyal customers and to further increase the quality of BCA. In keeping with the theme of our 57th birthday, “Always by your side”, BCA seeks to provide the best services and solutions to customers in accordance with their needs. Our hope is that BCA at the age of 57 will be even more resilient in the face of all challenges. May success be with us as we progress together.

55 Years, BCA is always by your side
55 years are truly a long journey that BCA has been gone through. Over time, BCA has expanded and developed. Thanks to you, loyal customers.

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