The shareholders of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk as of November 11, 2016:
Shareholders Number of Shares Ownership Percentage
PT Dwimuria Investama Andalan * 11,625,990,000 47.15%
Anthony Salim 434,079,976 1.76%
Public ** 12,594,940,024 51.09%
Total 24,655,010,000 100.00%

* Currently, in the registration process to the Financial Services Authority. The shareholders of PT. Dwimuria Investama Andalan are Mr. Robert Budi Hartono and Mr. Bambang Hartono.

** In the composition of shares held by the public, 3.19% of the shares are owned by parties affiliated with the Ultimate Shareholders; 0.02% are held by Mr. Robert Budi Hartono and 0.02% by Mr. Bambang Hartono.


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