• BCA Bizz

    Doing business transactions at the bank should be with no queue. Make it real on convenience BCA Bizz service.

Introducing the Service

As a business person, you often have both cash and non-cash transactions at the bank. Sometimes the process involves long lines and takes up a lot of your time. BCA BIZZ is the solution for you.

BCA BIZZ Special Service:

  • Just go to the counter displaying the BCA BIZZ logo
  • Fast cash bundle deposit*
  • Drop bag service*
  • Cash and transaction document delivery-pick up*
  • Service on Saturday*
  • Can delegate another person to do your transactions

* Only available at branches that provide BCA BIZZ services.


Benefits you will enjoy:

  • Access to special BCA BIZZ counters.
  • Time savings because bundle deposits are counted globally and immediately posted.
  • All you need to do is hand over a sealed bag with cash and other transaction documents at the DROP BAG counter (no minimum transaction).
  • With a pre-agreed time and place, you can have your sealed bag of cash and transaction documents picked up.
  • Conduct online transactions on Saturday if necessary.
  • If you are unable to perform the transaction in person, you can delegate another person to do so.
  • EDC BIZZ for efficient non cash transactions.

You Should Know

BCA BIZZ service is available at 131 branches spread throughout Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Medan, Makassar, Palembang, Malang, and other major cities. To see the full list of Jakarta branches, please Click Here. For other cities, Click Here

BCA BIZZ customers are also can do transactions on Saturday, to see which branches that available, click here. And for BCA BIZZ with Drop Bag services, please click here.

BCA BIZZ branches that provide Saturday Service
No BCA BIZZ Saturday Service
Offline Online
1 KCP Suari
2 KCU Sidoarjo
3 KCU Denpasar
4 KCP Sulawesi
5 KCU Panakkukang
6 KCP Pusat Pasar
7 KCP Surabaya
8 KCU Mesjid Lama
9 KCU Bandar Lampung
10 KCU Jambi
11 KK ITC Roxy Mas
12 KCU Sunter Mall
13 KCP Pasar Tanah Abang 
14 KCU Padang
Per March 2017

BCA BIZZ branches that provide Drop Bag, Bundle Deposits & Pick up service
No. BCABIZZ  Drop Bag, Set Bundel & Pick up service Drop Bag & Setoran Bundel
1 KCU Solo  
3 KCU Semarang  
4 KCU Kudus  
5 KCU Darmo  
6 KCP Sulawesi  
7 KCP Somba Opu  
8 KCP Kelapa Gading Raya  
9 KCP Grand Cempaka Mas  
10 KCP Pusat Pasar  
11 KCP Surabaya  
12 KCU Pekanbaru  
14 KCP WTC Mangga Dua  
15 KCP Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua  
16 KCP Pintu Air Pasar Baru  
17 KK ITC Roxy Mas II  
18 KCP Pasar Tanah Abang   
19 KK Metro Tanah Abang  
20 KCP Pasar Atum  
21 KCP Gajah Mada  
22 KCP Blok M  
23 KCU Padang  
25 KCU Madiun  
Per March 2017
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