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Currency Sell Buy
USD 13,359.00 13,339.00
SGD 9,424.97 9,404.97
EUR 14,233.99 14,133.99
AUD 10,287.36 10,207.36

e-Rate Converter | 20 Feb 2017

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Lots of promotions coming at end of year. You can use these kind of promotions with friends or family members. Well, Sakuku apps from Bank BCA.

  • Diskon 20% All Item
Thank you for your participation in the photo contest titled "Best Moment 2016". It's time to find out who took home the prize.
Information Services Branch Operations. December 24, 2016 - January 2, 2017
The program period starts from November 2016 to February 2017.
Do you often use Internet Banking? Do you also love adventures and traveling abroad? Get ready for BCA’s collaboration with AirAsia!
To fulfill the need for comprehensive information on products and services, a website can be the best channel for customers to find reliable information.
The traffic congestion in our capital city, as well as the demand for high mobility, makes motorcycles the best option for people’s mode of transportation.
For books, films, comics, games, cosplay, anime, and toy lovers, Comic Con is no longer a new event.
Would you like an Avanza Veloz car?
Great news for you who loves to hangout.